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yesterday I went to hang with my good friends TiTo at there house in the SUBURBS (see previous post for source of sarcasm) and we took the toddler with us. I have mentioned their PSYCHO cat Jinks before and she reinforced why pets are a reflection of their owners… am I calling my dear dear friend psycho? you be the judge

Ti: Don’t let the baby near the cat – the cat is freaked out! (the cat is clearly not freaked out)
Cammy walks up to said cat – cat sniffs baby [fyi-cat is declawed] baby smiles gigles and pets cat remarkably gently for a one year old
Ti: “Ohhhh no!!! Get Jinksie! Get Cammy – shes gonna hiss or something!!”
cat walks aprox 1.5 feet lays down and grooms – baby promptly follows stoops down and pets cat again – cat bats at the baby’s hand and walks behind the couch. Cammy attempts to find a way behind the couch tried to move art work ect to get to cat – no luck she comes into kitchen
Ti: “ohh God Raquita Hold her so I can put the cat away shes tramautized.”
Kid looks at Ti like -‘She’s funny.’ Cat looks at Cammy like ‘Wow I didn’t know they came in that size’ Jerry and I are cracking up because anyone with children knows you loose that hyper sensitivity after two weeks of parenthood or you get committed. I can’t believe shes had it this long with the cat.


So you think you know who your friends are…

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Wedding planners truly are the unsung heroes of the wedding industry, and this list of the best St. Louis Wedding planners are my personal loves. The thing is if the event goes absolutely perfect, everybody thinks they didn’t need the planner and if things go sideways everybody looks at the planner. But in all honesty, […]

couple is smiling during their sparkler exit from the boo cat club

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wedding party having a blast in their fish eye fun photo booth

St Louis senior session with a cool circus kid at circus harmony and the graffiti wall downtown

st louis senior session Oliver

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