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We want to tell your love story — we want to know what you love most about your partner; what about them made you fall so hard that you are planning a wedding together. We want to know about your first date and when you knew they were "the one". We want to tell your story so your future family will know everything they need to know about this love. You will be able to show them all that love in your wedding album. And, you will make a new friend in the process — keep scrolling — we can't wait to meet you!

I know it seems complicated but here's where to start:

Hi, We're Pinxit Photo and Cinema!

Timeless eclectic wedding photography BASED IN ST LOUIS, MO

Your intention is to use your wedding images to tell your family story to your grand babies, and theirs, and so on. Your wedding album is the perfect way to enjoy your images now and into the future. As much as we love social media (and we do), don't be like the chick who only put her wedding images on myspace. We're excited to create your love story book! 

You BeliEve Love is something you can hold on to

aka: your grandkids won't be on facebook

You realize that your wedding is one of the few times all the people who love you and want great things for you will be in the same place wishing that love on this new beginning! You want to remember every smile, happy tear, and good wish for you. And your cousins dance floor antics. 

You want to remember your familY's love for you 

While a beautiful wedding is always a joy, you know that your marriage is the thing we are really celebrating. We'll do everything we can to make sure your journey to that beginning is as stress-free as possible. We're here for you, from helping you find the best vendors for your wedding day team to helping you focus on what's important.  

Your marriage is as important as your wedding

You are a #PinxitCouple if


Because you are. Once you choose us, we treat you like our third cousin once removed. (Hey, I have the best cousins so go with me on this.) My goal for your wedding day is for you to have the BEST DAY EVER, and we will do everything we can within our power as your imaging team, just like family would. 

We treat you like family.

what makes us different

Your wedding album is something that is going to be with you for the rest of your life, reminding you of your favorite wedding day memories. It's the thing you will pick up to remind you how much love you have between you.

We believe in heirlooms.

what makes us different

We wanted pictures of us and our interactions and our love and our laughter, not just pretty smiles, and Pinxit really did that for us. Raquita really got to know us and captured the heart of who we are as a couple. We can't recommend her enough.

"Raquita captured the heart of who we are as a couple."

Heather & Matt

kind words


Raquita became like family to me. She was a joy to work with and kept us calm and seemed to enjoy our wedding just as much as any friend who came and we got great images out of it. I couldn't be more thrilled. 

"People still haven't stopped talking about our wedding photos."

Nina & Jon

kind words


After meeting with Raquita, we started to realize Raquita and her team could really give us the alluring, once in a lifetime photo experience that we were wanting. Not only were the pictures incredible, but she encouraged us to be present in the moment, as this day would go by very fast and she was right! Raquita and her team were so outgoing, fun and knowledgeable; perfect for our special day, while making sure we were smiling and laughing the whole time. They truly fit right in with my wedding party and family. Every shot felt natural, beautiful, and turned out better than we could have ever expected. 

"She encouraged us to be present in the moment."

L'Erin & Ron

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We had no idea that our wedding photographer would literally be the one with us at every moment of the day, and not just as a photographer. She was there like a dear friend. She knew how to make me feel calm and help guide us through all sorts of things like lacing my dress and cutting the cake and when it came time she even cut a rug with us! Our experience with Pinxit will forever be etched in our heart! 

"Raquita was the dopest person on our wedding day team."

Ellicia & Kevin

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We love the way Raquita kept us focused on the joy of getting married. You could not choose a better photographer. 

"She was our wedding doula! She just keeps you feeling grounded in the moment."

Monique & Nigel

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Wedding collections begin at $400/hr
Portrait collections begin at $650

Life is too short to be stressing out about this wedding stuff more than you need to. Let's cut to the chase — We offer hourly coverage at $400/hr.  Your wedding day investment is provided back to you in a studio credit you can use towards your wedding album, beautiful wall art or any of our stunning studio offerings*.  

We also offer video and photobooth options. We love this, and are excited to rock for you on your day. You know you wanna, so click contact and let's get started. 

*you are gonna wanna upgrade those, fair warning.

If you're still reading this, you might be our kind of people...

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