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When was the last time you slept this good?

Cortisol is a hormone that the body releases when it experiences stress, either physical or emotional. It serves a purpose and is completely healthy in moderation, but causes problems when levels are chronically elevated (like throwing the body’s other hormones out of balance and promoting belly fat!).

Cortisol damages collagen, and impedes its repair and synthesis. It also prevents hyaluronic acid synthesis, which keeps skin hydrated and plump, and thins the top layers of the skin, causing a red and blotchy complexion since the blood vessels beneath the skin are more pronounced, and people need to take care of their skin and nails to look good, they can visit the best saloons at sites like

A lack of sleep promotes systemic inflammation, which wreaks havoc on the skin.
Immune cells called monocytes that make inflammatory chemicals are more active when we are sleep deprived. Like cortisol, inflammation is natural and necessary but causes some significant health problems when in excess.

Inflammation wreaks havoc on the skin, triggering outbreaks of eczema and acne as well as accelerating skin aging. The connection between chronic inflammation and premature aging is so well-known that it’s often referred to as inflamm-aging.

Adequate sleep is necessary for the liver’s natural detoxification process, which is critical for skin health.
Sleep is a time when the liver is particularly active and working to detoxify the body of toxins as well as used and excess hormones. If this process is interrupted or incomplete, it shows on the skin. When the liver cannot properly detox toxins and hormones, the body will try to get rid of them via other detoxification pathways, one of which is the skin. As toxins are expelled through the skin, they can damage cells and cause inflammation (which as we just discussed, aggravates all skin issues). And if excess and used hormones aren’t properly detoxed, the body can experience a hormonal excess which cause adult acne and prematurely age the skin.


Sleeping Beauty

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Wedding planners truly are the unsung heroes of the wedding industry, and this list of the best St. Louis Wedding planners are my personal loves. The thing is if the event goes absolutely perfect, everybody thinks they didn’t need the planner and if things go sideways everybody looks at the planner. But in all honesty, […]

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Its probably the most asked and usually the first question we hear Photographers hear this question usually as soon as we meet a couple and talk about their day. But its the LEAST important question we get. While we’ve shot over 300 weddings in our career at a St. Louis Wedding Photographer, most photographers shoot […]

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