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In the words of bitemerealhard’s blog

NOT GUILTY!!!! On everything…
Give homey his $3 million dollars back and get the fuck out his hair.
Ya heard?Please Mr. O’Reilley and friends. I hope you’re choking to death
on this startling revelation you fat biased bitches!
Wacko Jacko that. You too Nancy Grace, and Marsha Clark with your $2
clearance rack hair coloring kit! Martin Bashir with your back stabbing, two
talking ass, get back!
Go find someone else to fuck with and extend your eleven minutes in the
spotlight. Your journalism skills suck. So does your Geraldo Rivewhatever!
Still don’t have those Beatles rights either!

And that pretty much sums up the whole Michael Jackson thing for me. Lets elaborte a ‘lil bit. I think the man is guilty of something – just not the charges they brought him up on. I’m glad the justice system worked and i’m glad there were no black people in the jury at all – so we can’t be accused of using our Jedi mind tricks on the white people. Oh we have them. You should see my daughter use them on white women – its priceless. Anyway, without getting side tracked I think Mikey has had all the lost childhood he’s gonna get – he’s 46- its time to grow the F*ck up. He needs to move to Europe, or Asia whre people still faint at the sight of his beige ass and work on a comeback album – take about two years to record it – get R Kelly to produce it, get some guest spots from Snoop, Jay Z, Willie Nelson and is Kobe rapping yet? if so throw his ass on it and call it We’re free Bytches! Vol 1.
No seriously- ever wonder why there are never any black kids making these charges? Do I think he did it? Not these charges no- Will cammy be going to a sleepover at neverland? HELLZ NAW!!! Black mommas – even the dumb as hell ones (and there are some dumbasses of color who choose to reproduce – normally with other dumbasses) ain’t letting their kids any where near an over night with somebody there is even a whisper of that kind of rumor. Cammy can’t go play with kids if I haven’t done a complete background check on the whole house. I’m trying to be involved with the neighborhood association and the block unit and e’rything so I know just what the deal is in my neighborhood.
Michael Jackson got some issues. I hope he gets some help with most of them. I hope people get smart about sending their children into those kinds of stupid situations. I hope black people were rooting for Micahel becaseu they reviewed the facts and beleive he was innocent of these charges- I hope white people do the same. I hope court TV gets pulled off air – it does not lead people to a innocent until proven guilty mindset – as long as it puts the name of the accused into public record and protects the accuser. I think the accused should be affored that same annomity until proven guilty. Now Michael – If he hadn’t paid off the last set of accusers I firmly beleive he would be in jail now, and calling some man Bubbles. But that’s just my take on it – I’ve been wrong before.



Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Wedding planners truly are the unsung heroes of the wedding industry, and this list of the best St. Louis Wedding planners are my personal loves. The thing is if the event goes absolutely perfect, everybody thinks they didn’t need the planner and if things go sideways everybody looks at the planner. But in all honesty, […]

couple is smiling during their sparkler exit from the boo cat club

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Its probably the most asked and usually the first question we hear Photographers hear this question usually as soon as we meet a couple and talk about their day. But its the LEAST important question we get. While we’ve shot over 300 weddings in our career at a St. Louis Wedding Photographer, most photographers shoot […]

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