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Our Clients are some of our favorite people in the world and We can't wait to tell you their stories and talk about how we can make your wedding planning easier. Raquita has been rocking weddings for a long time so shes got a lot of tips to share! 

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I’m still editing this wedding, but I put a sneak on Facebook, and I loved them so much I thought I would blog them. 


I don’t 2nd shoot as much as I used to.  Time and availability are scarce when you have three kids and a full wedding schedule of your own but when my very good friend Ashley over at Ashley Fisher Photography asked for a hand I was happy to help. Working with my photographer friends is […]


I first met them on the patio in front of the studio. They were with a group of very cool friends having a beer at my neighbor The Thurman Grill, I over fed their cute little dog treats. We sat around and talked for a while. They were great, all of them. Turns out they […]


Ah Brittany and John, my favorite thing about this couple is how sweet they are on each other. I mean I know I am a wedding photographer and I spend my days watching people be in love but these two are really really into one another. John, is not the biggest fan of being photographed […]


These two are seriously the cutest people on the planet. To sit and listen to them speak french to one another will make you completely believe in romance and great love and the possibility of happily ever after. This was our first school house wedding and our first wedding with getting ready at one of […]


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