As much as I love this charming conversation we've been having on these here internets, this website is just me talking, and I want to get to know who you are and all about your wedding and why you chose this person to do such a marvelous thing like getting married.

So let's start a conversation! After we have a chance to chat we can see if we are the right fit for one another and we can get your date on our calendar. 

...the real you

The Process


So, we've decided we fit together like Voltron, and you're ready to book your date. After you reach out to us, we'll send you a link to an online booking tool so you can choose the package that is absolutely right for you. You can pay your deposit online or we can meet for a wine date. Either one works for us.

Once you are a Pinxit Couple it's time to create some amazing moments together.


The PRocess


It's time to show off just how perfectly you guys fit together. I know it sounds daunting, but I am gonna walk you right through it. It will be just as easy as saying "I love you," and giving your love the same sweet smile you always do when they tell you that you are the best thing that ever happened to them.

It doesn't matter if you both think you are not photogenic, the truth is, your love is beautiful and we'll help you show it off, good and proper. After your engagement session you will come in to the studio for a viewing party, and we'll help you create your first piece of family art!

session time!

The PRocess


Once we're family (Wonder Twins unite!), we'll send you some info to help you along in your wedding planning. If we can help in any way, reach out and ask. We're happy to help.

About 6 weeks before your wedding day, we'll send you our timeline tool to help you build the perfect timeline for your day so you get the images you dreamed of and the wedding you've always wanted. We'll also schedule one last visit to make sure we are on the same page. 

(other vendors & timelines) 

The PRocess


No matter what happens, the goal is for you to get married and have the best time doing it. We're gonna show up and get to work like your favorite distant relative who is badass with a camera (and boutonniere pinning and badass at all sorts of other random skills I've learned after 24 years of weddings). If there's one thing for sure, it will go so fast — do everything you can to enjoy the moments and I'll do everything I can to capture as many as I can for you to remember later.  

(your wedding) 

The PRocess


After your wedding day is over, you'll come by our studio for your personal image viewing and ordering party! We'll take a look at the gorgeous wedding album we've designed specifically for you to tell your love story. Then we'll take a look at the FULL gallery of image from your day. We'll finish the album process, and within 3 months or so, your album will be in your lap. We suggest spending your first night with it with a bottle of wine as you relive the day! 

& online gallery 

The PRocess


With So Many Options, We Have the Perfect Package For You.

Designing Your Dream Package




Our packages are very simply built; we charge $400/hr for Raquita to come and rock your day. All of our hourly coverage comes with an album credit. 

Cinema & Video is $400/hr. Need two or more photographers? We can customize your coverage with ease.

Need both photo and video, we do have group coverage options available. 

Most clients plan on 8-12 hours of coverage. We do have hourly minimums during peak season. 

Our albums are built custom for every client. Each clients who books a 10-hour wedding day will receive a studio credit good towards any wedding album or wall art of their choice.

Albums start at $300 +$50/per page.

Our wall art is art gallery quality stunning custom mounted timeless canvas or acrylic for a stunning pop of color. We couldn't be more excited to help you display your joy for your family to enjoy for years to come.

Wall art begins at $300.



inquire about your date

Wedding collections begin at $400/hr
Portrait collections begin at $650

Life is too short to be stressing out about this wedding stuff more than you need to. Let's cut to the chase — We offer hourly coverage at $400/hr. Wedding days that are longer than 8 hours include all the fun stuff, like a basic engagement session* and a basic album*.  

We also offer video and photobooth options. We love this, and are excited to rock for you on your day. You know you wanna, so click contact and let's get started. 

*you are gonna wanna upgrade those, fair warning.

If you're still reading this, you might be our kind of people...

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