My Story

I'm way too awesome for a single about me page, but we can try right?

Finding the right person to spend forever with tends to feel like the easy part once you’ve started to plan a wedding. I get that, and I want to make it as easy as I can to help you decide if I am the right fit for you.

I’m fly jeans and twitter.
I'm social justice and social media.
I’m pixie sticks and Bissingers.
I’m Chuck Taylors and Red Bottoms. 
I’m Nerf guns and 2-D fighter video games. 
I’m Haagen-Dazs and home made cookies. 
I’m old school hip hop and 80’s hair/rock bands. (Poison, anyone?) 
I’m graffiti walls and fields of wild flowers.
I’m mohawks and up dos with the pretty little wispy strands. 

Photo courtesy by the talented, Chris Becker 

LaCroix tastes like bad decisions and regret. 

But I won't hold it against you if you like it, if you don't hold it against me that I hate it.

In the power of storytelling and in making sure your love story is told for years and years to come. Everything about your love is beautiful and worth sharing. 

Weddings are the one day where everyone who wishes good things for you comes together to rejoice in you starting this new wonderful life with the person you love most.

It's the best day ever.   

I Believe

I Believe

I Believe

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Life is too short to be stressing out about this wedding stuff more than you need to. Let's cut to the chase — We offer hourly coverage at $400/hr. Wedding days that are longer than 8 hours include all the fun stuff, like a basic engagement session* and a basic album*.  

We also offer video and photobooth options. We love this, and are excited to rock for you on your day. You know you wanna, so click contact and let's get started. 

*you are gonna wanna upgrade those, fair warning.

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